Meet Steph

Hello! Thank you for stopping by and checking out my little food corner of the interwebs.

I’m Stephanie (aka Steph) – owner, recipe creator, writer, and picture snapper behind Steph in Thyme. IIt’s a pleasure to e-meet you.

I’ve been living and eating gluten-free for over five years – and you know what? Following a gluten-free diet isn’t always easy. I’ve had those days, missing out at parties and restaurants, missing baked goods and foods I grew up eating but have had to do without.

I get REALLY excited when I see gluten-free goodies and can barely contain myself.

Gluten-Free Lebkuchen at Nurnberg Christmas Market l Steph in Thyme

After adjusting to a gluten-free lifestyle, I became an optimist, a glass half full kind of cook. Instead of focusing on what I have to do without, I have fun in the kitchen with all the things I can do free of gluten. I invite you to join me on this foodtastic journey.

With blogging and Steph in Thyme, my goal is to empower and inspire you to cook delicious and creative gluten-free foods, for every day and for every occasion.  And not only gluten-free, but vegetarian and vegan as well. For more about my gluten-free and meatless journey, why I blog, and what to expect at Steph in Thyme, check out the About the Blog page.

And if you’re curious about the blogger behind the blog, I thought I would get a little personal. We’re friends in food, after all.

Meet Steph of Steph in Thyme

In a nutshell, I’m a…

  • Former global nomad and marketer turned Bostonian blogger and yoga/barre teacher
  • Connoisseur of German Christmas Market Glühwein
  • Cooking class nerd always seeking to learn new skills in the kitchen
  • Runner and cyclist with a soft spot for twisty cones
  • Goofy camera ham when traveling – there are rarely normal photos of me
  • Night owl trying to be a morning person
  • Historical fiction junkie
  • Aspiring time traveler
  • 70s and 80s music fanatic, although I can only sing snippets instead of entire songs

Steph in Thyme Family

I was raised in a proud military family and spent the majority of my life moving every two years. We lived and explored the corners of Europe and Asia up until a few years ago when my dad retired. My younger sister currently serves, so now we follow her around for more adventures.

Being exposed to different cultures and cuisines from a young age cultivated in me a sense of fearlessness, adventure, and culinary curiosity. From street food in Singapore to truck stops in Japan to taverna fare in Greece to bistro dining in Belgium – my food adventures inspire the creativity I explore in my own kitchen today.

Sisters of Steph in Thyme

I’m the oldest of three girls (that should tell you a lot right there). Our mom enjoyed taking pictures of us in random European fields growing up.

My sisters are my Best Food Friends. Our get-togethers revolve around good food and reliving favorite dishes from our gypsy traveling past. We’re always on the lookout for a knock-your-socks-off Greek taverna or Korean restaurant.

The middle sister has the sweet tooth of the family. Candy, baked goods, marzipan, hot chocolate, Dampfnudeln – you name it. If it’s sweet and/or doughy, she’s all over it (then works it off with SEAL workouts and P90X).  She’s a ton of fun to travel with because no matter how full she is, she’ll always buy food from a vendor if she hasn’t tried it before. Since most of it is pure gluten, I live vicariously through her.

The youngest of the sister trio is by far the most adventurous eater. She has me beat. She will try anything once, even if she doesn’t know what it is. She scored big points for her culinary adventures on a high school trip to Russia. She’s beginning to experiment with gluten-free eating, so I’m excited to have a protégé.

Steph in Thyme Wedding l Winery at Bull Run

I met CJ – the love of my life, best friend, and adventure buddy in 2010 while we were living and working in Northern Virginia. Both new to the area, we met on eHarmony (and are happy to be in a commercial, if anyone from eHarmony is reading).

We got married in 2013 at a rustic, fall winery wedding (wedding pictures galore) and honeymooned in Fiji. That trip raised the bar for all future vacations.

CJ is my #1 fan and biggest supporter. If it weren’t for him, I never would have left my job in Corporate America in 2014 to turn what I love into what I do.

He is the healthiest eater I know. Maybe on the planet. He eats 2-3 apples a day and goes through a bag of carrots a week (he IS as strong as a horse, so I guess that makes sense).

Exploring new and delicious vegetarian and vegan meals is one of our favorite activities. CJ is a constant source of recipe ideas and inspiration, my sidekick in the kitchen working the salad spinner like a champ. This blog wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without him working and helping me behind the scenes.

Ruby Red Slippers inspired by The Wizard of Oz at 2013 Wedding l Photo by Nancy Anderson Cordell Photography

More fun (and random) facts about me

  • I’ve had an obsession with The Wizard of Oz since I can remember. On my wedding day, I wore ruby slippers under my gown and walked down a yellow brick road of petals to a slow, jazz rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 
  • I could easily subsist on dolmadakia, phở and summer rolls, and veggie filled tacos for the rest of my life.
  • I consider DIP a food group. Hummus, baba ganoush, tzatziki, fava bean dip – I prefer to pair my meals with some kind of dip or dipping sauce.
  • I majored in English and wrote a book of poetry about James Dean for my undergrad senior honors thesis.
  • One day I hope to live in a house near the water. I daydream about a little cottage in Maine, a lighthouse in view out the paned glass kitchen window, baking blueberry muffins and writing novels in my old age.
  • I’m a big history dork. I love documentaries, asking a million questions on walking tours, and spending hours in museums. I have a graduate degree in History and wrote my master’s thesis on actor and Abraham Lincoln assassin, John Wilkes Booth.
  • I’m a passionate yoga student and recently certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. For all things yoga, visit my separate site Oh My Heart Yoga.

I would love to E-MEET you! Please leave a comment here with your name and a fun fact about yourself <3

Stay in touch

Interacting with readers is one of the reasons I love and continue to blog. I would love to hear from you and connect! If you have question, comment, or just want to say “Hellloooo,” feel free to email me at stephk[at]stephinthyme[dot]com. You can also connect with me via social media:

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