The 5 Best 9.5KW Electric Shower

What is the best 9.5kw electric shower? 

You have to agree with me that a nice hot or cold bath after a hard day’s work is vital to our health.

An electric shower will take your shower time to a whole new level. It will also save you the hassle of using a boiler. 9.5kW showers are popular because they are effective and affordable.

If you haven’t been enjoying this feeling you can still join the party. They’re plenty of quality and affordable 9.5kW electric showers today. 

This review will help you find out the best options in the market. 

Top Product Review

All the products in the review below operate at 9.5kW. Let’s review the 5 best.

1. Triston MOSV09SG Seville Universal Electric Shower

What we have here is a round-shaped electric shower made by Triston, who has been in the business for at least four decades. 

This shower is user-friendly and straightforward when it comes to usage. It requires little or no expertise and is extremely easy to install. 

Since the majority of its controls are located upfront, you should have no problems locating or adjusting the water temperature. 

Moreover, the product has distinct controls for regulating flow and temperature. Its numbered dial also makes it easy for you to navigate your water temperature. 

This shower has numerous cable and entry outlets for replacement. Lastly, it comes with 2-year complete parts and labor guarantee for UK residents. 

2. Triston MOMT094G Martinique Luxury Electric Shower 

Here’s another quality electric shower from Triston. If what you prefer is a shower that’s convenient to use yet cost-efficient, then this shower is ideal for you. 

Firstly, unlike its counterpart above it utilizes a push-button control to turn on and off the electric shower system. 

This shower system heats water immediately and does not depend on water preheated by the boiler.

Moreover, its showerhead has 5 spray patterns and has a limescale resistant power-off feature that eliminates all water in the shower before powering down. 

Plus, when you purchase this shower system, it is packaged with all the necessary hardware needed for installation. From the chrome hose to the soap dish and even a warranty card.

To add to that, it also comes with a 24 months complete parts and labor guarantee for UK-based customers.

3. Triston RECOL209BRSTL Collection II Contemporary Electric Shower (brushed steel)

If style and attraction are what impresses you in a shower system, then I can’t recommend a better option than this shower from Triston. 

Top of the list of perks is its limescale resistant power-off feature. This simply annihilates every unused water left in the showerhead and helps you to prevent limescale. It also saves you a few extra bucks for repairs.

In addition, the model is user-friendly and has comfortable soft-touch buttons that make using the controls easy. This will come in handy if you have a cut on your hand or suffer from arthritis. 

Moreover, it has a five-pattern showerhead that serves to enhance the shower experience. 

When you make a purchase, you can expect your package to come with all the essential hardware you’ll need to have a successful shower installation.

This product comes with a 2-year complete parts and labor guarantee for UK residents. 

4. Triston T80gsi Electric Shower Model (rotary control)

Another shower from Triston makes the cut and it is of little surprise why. This shower is user-friendly and requires little or no time to master due to its simple design. The majority of its controls can be seen at the front so it’s quite easy to use.

The power system is controlled by a push start button, making it easy for you to power on or off. 

Just like most Triston showerheads this one also has a five spray pattern that will give you an enjoyable showering experience. The higher the number of sprays, the larger the coverage. 

Moreover, it comes with a 2-year full parts and labor guarantee if your location happens to be within the UK.

5. Triston T80Z Electric Shower (white and chrome colors) 

Our last but not the least pick is yet another beauty from Triston.

This shower possesses every feature a modern shower system should have. It’s flexible and compatible with all other T80 models made by Triston and Mira, amongst others.

Since this model has removable pipe entry trims, there’s no need to cut down on water and cable entry points.

The shower also comes with a detailed installation template that will give you all the necessary guidance you need to make a successful installation.


If anything is certain at this point it is that any of these electric showers would be a great option for your bathroom. So the title of the best 9.5kw electric shower UK has to offer is for you to decide. If it suits your bathroom and your budget, then it deserves to be the best.

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