Top 4 Mirabelle Toilet Reviews in 2021

Mirabelle doesn’t come near in popularity with industry-standard brands like Toto and American Standard. However, it has a wide range of high-quality toilet models: from elongated to round toilets, from contemporary to modern toilets, and for large toilets and small toilets. So let’s see the best Mirabelle toilet of 2020 in these Mirabelle toilet reviews.

Mirabelle Toilets: Top 4 Reviews

Here are the top-rated Mirabelle toilets to buy this year. 

Mirabelle MIRKW241AWH Elongated Toilet with Seat 

Our best toilet model from Mirabelle is a complete elongated system. It includes a seat that is easy to close. The Mirabelle product is made of vitreous china. This highly glossy enamel material is stain resistant, durable, and sanitary. It resists scratches, spills, and cleans easily with little water.

The bowl makes use of the popularly used flush system, the High-Efficiency Technology (HET). The model has an elongated design that is suitable for medium-sized to spacious restrooms. This product uses just 1.28 gallons per flush, using 20% less water. Its water flow rate and GPF is compliant to the federal regulation that states that flush toilets must not use more than 1.60 GPF.

Thanks to its low-mounted design, it is compliant with the ADA. Mirabelle incorporates the easy close technique in the seat, thanks to the well-made hinges. This model is Clean Energy Council compliant and can be bought or sold in California. Also, it’s EPA-compliant, certified by WaterSense, and listed by IAPMO.

Mirabelle MIRBD241AWH with Seat

The Mirabelle MIRBD241AWH is yet another one-piece toilet with an elongated design. It’s a modern toilet bowl with additional 1-1/2″ compared to round toilet configurations. Made of porcelain, it is flush-tested from the factory and guaranteed to perform effectively. This toilet model comes with a toilet seat for potty-training, among other uses. The bowl measures the right height that is suitable for handicaps, the elderly and is thus ADA-compliant.

While the water flow rate is great, it uses less than 20% of water, at 1.28 GPF. The trapway of the bowl is entirely glazed. It cleans flawlessly during flushes, thanks to the flush technology. The system makes use of high-efficiency toilet technology. This works by flushing the bowl with higher water velocity, instead of high water volume. It, therefore, saves water and flushes efficiently. The provided seat, provided with it, matches well with the bowl. Asides the seat and cover, which are included, the model includes a trip lever. When pulled, this triggers the flush system.

Mirabelle MIRAM200WH with Left-Hand Trip Lever

The Mirabelle model is a 1.28 GPF toilet tank with a trip lever for the left-handed. The toilet bowl has a height of 12-7/8″ and a width of 16-3/4″. It is made of vitreous china with a chrome finish. This gives it a glass-like look and a shiny non-porous surface. This means the bowl is not only easy to clean; it is nonstick and will not retain bacteria and fungi. It cleans up in a single flush.

The Mirabelle MIRAM200WH also incorporates the gravity flush, a technology that ensures less water is used for more efficient flushes. Ecologically-friendly, the bowl is certified by EPA’s WaterSense and approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). The bowl has a low mounted installation type. Also, it has the standard height recommended by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). This means the bowl has the right height, which provides ease of use for the elderly and persons with disabilities (PWD).

Mirabelle MIRAM240WH Elongated Toilet Bowl 

The Mirabelle MIRAM240WH is a two-piece toilet bowl that is easy to install and maintain. In an elongated design, the bowl provides additional 1-1/2 inches when you compare it to other round traditional bowls.

Made from high-quality porcelain, the toilet bowl is made to last for a lifetime of use. While a 5-year warranty covers the parts, the bowl has a lifetime warranty. The toilet comes with just the bowl. No seat is included. However, it is compliant with the standards of the ADA. Water-efficient, the toilet bowl makes use of gravity flush and is certified by WaterSense. At 1.28 gallons per flush, it uses around 20% less water than other regular flush toilet bowls.


Mirabelle has proven over and over again to be a brand committed to providing sophisticated and effective products. Its toilet systems are environmentally friendly and certified by various industry standard organizations, thanks to the incorporation of water-saving features and basic technologies. Now that you’ve seen the best Mirabelle toilet reviews, we wish you a satisfactory purchase.

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